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Face to Face & Online 

Be(come) and live your full potential   

One of my dearest wishes and what I feel called to be of service of, is to evoke and assist the integration in becoming more embodied and attuned to the many systems we are informed by and how to interpret these sensations and feelings into meaningful, health and life enriching messages for the greater good of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being

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How can I assist and mentor you?

Some know me as Muriel and others as Mumu, over the last 20 years I have completed several certifications in dance, different movement modalities, energy healing and channelling. All of which have inspired me to delve deeper into understanding the holistic complexity of the bodymind and spirit that we are, and which in its wholeness is imponderable.

Being introduced to Slings Myofascial Training by art of motion Academy®, opened a whole new world of possibilities and gave me a more contemporary, psychosomatic as well as science-based understanding of the body-mind interconnectedness. I found somatic trust and even movement courage again after having lost both due to injury, mistreating my body and having the notion it is not strong or good enough mixed with being told what is ‘no longer possible’ or ‘should be avoided from now on’, I was in my early twenties then. 

art of motion’s holistic and up to date approach with fascia focused exercises and functional exercise sequencing in mind (and body) was refreshing, and a memorable turning point in my life, health, and wellbeing as well as my career. I am greatly enjoying being a senior educator for art of motion Academy®, since 2010.


Over the many years that I have received Reiki it benefited me; in becoming more integral in body-mind and spirit, as well as assisting my emotional healing. It assisted me to find inner stability, mental clarity, peace of mind and body and an increased self-awareness. I “needed” to share this exquisite ‘treatment’, so I decided to become a certified Reiki practitioner and channel in 2020. I am elated with my enhanced holistic ‘medicine cabinet’ that many of my clients have benefited from since I added this specific ‘medicine’ to it.

My approach of us being a bodymind can assist you and give you tools and “medicines” to tap into, recourse and enjoy your fullest physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potential. To feel self-empowered, and self-determined by becoming more attuned to what is well-being and feeling-vibrantly- alive promoting, for you as an individual.

Another is to assist anyone who wants to “rewrite” their psychosomatic habitual-social-conditioned patterns and who wishes to enjoy a vibrant embodied and spirited life.

On offer are several different approaches to achieve this.

Slings Myofascial Training 

Reiki & Channel 

Sounds Massage (only in Person)

Psychosomatic Mentorship


You can also combine 2 methods 

Mentor in:

Myofascial Psychosomatic Movement 

Reiki & Channeling 

Befriending your nervous system

Educator & Retreat Facilitator: 

Slings Myofascial Training Educator

Retreats enhancing psychosomatic & spiritual wholness  

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