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Slings BodyReading & Movement Strategies

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Service Description

This course can be done online from the comfort of your home or via recording. The face to face spots have been booked out. Specify when booking how you are participating. Access to the recording is 30 day from course finish. Prerequisite: Anatomy Trains in Motion. Slings Essentials, Slings in Motion Reading the geometry of the body and drawing meaningful, practical conclusions is an art and a craft. The SBR & MST Foundations course has a well-contained structure, empowering participants to develop necessary skills with confidence. The step-by-step approach makes the complexity of postural patterns tangible and clearly explains the value of coherent exercise solutions. Postural ease brings a feeling of inner lift and physical wellbeing. It is ergonomic, meaning standing is restful, allowing access to more energy for things more fun than laboriously resisting gravity. As a bonus, it enhances the body’s attractiveness. By learning to see structural relationships and myofascial patterns, a coherent Slings Myofascial Training strategy can be created to facilitate postural balance and, with it, the invaluable feeling of inner ease. Learning Objectives & Goals: - Learn key qualities that enable & sustain positive postural change. - Know the value of the relationship between structural postural patterns & how posture feels. - Be clear about the difference between postural ease & active uprightness. - Understand & appreciate 3 Fascial Movement Qualities in light of postural rebalancing. - Become familiar with the Anatomy Trains-based BodyReading terminology. - Know the 7-Step BodyReading & Movement Strategies process. - Train your eyes to recognise bony relationships & associated myofascial patterns. - Learn 5 common postural patterns, the myofascial implications, & their impact. - Understand 2 additional postural considerations & their impact on physical functionality. - Know 14 Slings in Motion exercises & posture-based variations to facilitate postural rebalancing. - Gain 3 well-rounded Slings in Motion sequences & posture-based variations to address the discussed postural patterns & considerations. - Receive a set of forms to use as references & templates. - Experience topic related master classes, movement sequences, & individual exercises. - Attain insight into your own postural patterns & how to attain greater ease & balance. Duration: 21 hours Handout: Powerpoint presentation Slings BodyReading & Movement Strategies, evaluation forms

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Cancellation Policy

CANCELLATION AND REBOOKING Participants can cancel their registration or rebook a Course in writing, by email. A cancellation or rebooking will incur a fee. CANCELLATION PROVISIONS The cancellation fee (regular Course price) depends on the time of cancellation: Up to 40 calendar days before the Course starts AU$70.00 39 to 30 calendar days before the Course starts 30% of the total cost 29 to 8 calendar days before the Course starts 60% of the total cost 7 to 0 calendar days before the Course starts 100% of the total cost In case of no-show 100% of the total cost In case of dropping out 100% of the total cost REBOOKING The rebooking fee depends on the time of rebooking: Up to 60 calendar days before the Course starts AU$70.00 29 to 8 calendar days before the Course starts 60% of the total cost 7 to 0 calendar days before the Course starts 100% of the total cost In case of no-show 100% of the total cost In case of dropping out 100% of the total cost ILLNESS AND ACCIDENT In the case of illness or accident-related no-show/cancellation supported by a medical certificate the missed portion can, in the best case, be rescheduled for a later date or the difference of the course fee will be refunded. PRESENCE REQUIREMENT The Course is considered as completed if the participant has attended at least 80% of the face-to-face or live online class. In agreement with Muriel Morwitzer Movement Studio, missed lessons can be made up for to obtain a certificate of participation. COURSE CONFIRMATION / COURSE CANCELLATION Muriel Morwitzer Movement Studio reserves the right to cancel a Course up to one week (7 days) before the course starts. In such a case, the registered participants will be informed immediately, and the paid course fee will either be fully refunded or, if requested, credited to another course. No further compensation can be claimed from Muriel Morwitzer Movement Studio.

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  • Muriel Morwitzer Movement Studio & More, William Place, Margaret River WA, Australia

  • Starts 21 June
  • 925 Australian dollars
  • William Place

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