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Package 5x Feel at home in your body

Befriend your gut feelings and nervous system How to come home into your body, attuned to your gut

Service Description

Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself and more then ask to feel if your nervous system feels safe and at ease by its “housing”- your bodymind? How clear is the “messaging” from your body to your mind via your gut? These 5 mentoring session will assist you in: -How to be(come) home in your body, attuned to your gut feelings and nervous system messages and draw meaningful information from them; promoting wellbeing and health-oriented choices -Being(becoming) self-determined and self-empowered through simple, applicable body-minded practices -Embodying and embraining several short 10 – 15 minute daily practices, to live a more (p)easeful, embodied, meaningful and vibrantly life This is for you if you are: -Curious to enhance your ability to be (more) embodied and create a peaceful safe environment to house your nervous system in -Feeling exhausted, unnerved, or feeling dis - ease within your body, mind, or both -Unsure when you last fully exhaled and trusted to let go - trusted your body and mind that it is ok to let go -Not fully inhabiting, feeling, sensing, recognising the states of your body and mind -The one who might never take a break in order not to breakdown or get sick (cause if you would, you fear you would crumble or become sick) -Feeling stressed, edgy, nervous and or fearful more often than you would like to -A therapist and or movement teacher and want to know how Slings Myofascial Training, Reiki, Breathwork and Mediation can assist the body-mind-gut-brain synergy. -If you feel disassociated form sensing your intuition/gut feeling or purely would like to enhance your fine-tuning of your already existing skills -Not knowing how to feel at home within your body/ self and or wanting to arrive even more at home within yourself -Not yet using feeling and sensing your body as a reliable tool to draw meaning from before acting The tools that you will be empowered by are Slings Myofascial Training, Breath-work, meditation and reiki As a collective they all enhance: Fascial tone regulation, muscular relaxation and nervous system regulation empowering you in trusting yourself healing capacity whilst enhancing resilience and your threshold to stay embodied in any situation or at least notice if you should want to get disembodied. No previous experience of any of the practice tools we will be learning and applying is necessary. CONTACT me to book in your session see details below

Cancellation Policy

Packages are valid for 5 months from the start date of the package. ILLNESS AND ACCIDENT In the case of illness or accident-related no-show/cancellation supported by a medical certificate the missed portion can, be rescheduled for a later date.

Contact Details

  • Muriel Morwitzer Movement Studio & More, William Place, Margaret River WA, Australia

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 500 Australian dollars
  • William Place
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